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Related article: Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 04:29:00 -0400 From: Nick Alias Pizza Boy Subject: After Hours Fun After Hours Fun By Nick Alias Pizza BoyNOTE: This story is purely fictional and doesn't imply anything about the sexuality of Philip Van Dyke, Brad Renfro, Joseph Scheibelhut and Leonardo DiCaprio. CHAPTER ONE: At first, Philip though he had arrived late. There were a lot of people in Leo's penthouse and everyone seemed to have been enjoying the night for a while now. But a quick glance at his watch reminded him it was only 8:30.Leo was somewhere in the backyard and would probably return in the house to check if more guests had arrived. Seeing Brad and Joseph seaten on the living room, Philip joined them.- Hey you!- Hey Phil, what's up? asked Joseph- Nothing special, you two look sort of bored, aren't you?- We were here to take a dip, you've seen that pool outside? But Leo told us to wait after everyone was gone, said Brad. That sucks. You'll swim with us?- Well, I got no suit with me.- Come on Phil! Brad and I will swim in undies. And perhaps Leo's got some spare trunks in case you insist.- Cool!The guys continued talking around a couple of cocktails. Leo later joined them and reassured the three "boys" they'd get to swim in his pool as soon as all the guests would be gone.- But Leo, you'll join us? said Philip- Of course I will, he smiled and returned to some other folks.Hours passed and the three young men went around, talking with everyone they saw but secretely seeking some signs the people would go.Their wish became reality around midnight. The other guests, who were about 15 and who included some less and more Nn Preteen Model known people from showbusiness, began to leave progressively somewhere between eleven and half past one.As soon as he had closed the door behind Tobey Maguire, Leo went to the living room where Philip, Brad and Joseph were watching the extreme sports competitions on ESPN.- So boys, you'll finally get what you've been waiting for. Now, let me get some towels and I'll join you in the pool.The three guys quickly took off their clothes, keeping their underwears. Philip wore black tight A&F boxers, Brad had some white briefs and Joseph, a pair of baggy red boxer-shorts.Leo returned downstairs, carrying four towels.- What the hell guys? You're not gonna swim in these, are you?- Got a better solution? asked Philip- Of course I do, replied Leo.Leaving the towels on a near-by chair, Leo stripped naked and drawn into the pool in less than a second.Brad, Joseph and Philip looked at each other, were they gonna make it?- You think I bother wearing trunks? No way! Skinny dipping rules at Leo's!Philip remembered vaguely a rumour about this, but he had never believed it could be true.- What the fuck...Brad threw off his briefs and joined Leo in the water. Philip and Joseph didn't need more time to decide themselves.The water was quite warm and, as he heard Leo explaining why he believed so strongly in skinny dipping, Philip felt his penis hardening and lenghtening slowly until it had reached its full seven inches and a half.Philip kept hanging around in the water, hoping his erection would stay unnoticed or, even better, disappear.Unable to bring his cock back to its soft state, Philip managed to avoid the sight of Leo and Brad when the two went under the water. Then, realising his attempts to hide himself could "betray" him more than "protect", Philip lost all his embarrassement towards the hard-on he sported and swam casually with the other boys.- Ok guys, who's up for some wrestling? proposed LeoBrad got onto Philip's shoulders and Joseph, on Leo's. For obvious reasons, Philip wasn't going to be on anybody's shoulders!If he didn't feel anything stiff pressing against his neck, Philip sure saw he wasn't the only one hard among them. Between Leo's legs hung a proud representative of DiCaprio's manhood. Philip was undoubtly looking at one of the world's most desired crotches!Wrestling got under way and after he had won three of the five, Brad, who would have the final word over the next thing to do, asked Leo if they could gather inside to watch a movie, or just chat up a little.Philip's erection was down when he got out of the pool, and he sighed with relief. Leo surely had to pinch himself a little, having told the guy he'd be in the house in a minute.Back inside, the guys put very little clothes on. Brad, Philip and Joseph got back in their underwears while Leo didn't even bother wearing more than a towel around his waist.Leo brought cocktails back and the guys gathered around the tv screen for the continuation of the extreme sports broadcast. In a sudden need to piss, Joseph was directed by Leo to his bedroom's bathroom.- WOW! You've got an awesome bed! he said when he returned.- Which makes me think, continued Leo, that none of you guys had ever visited my house.There was no other word to qualify this house than palace. The three guys were astonished at the sight of every room and would definitely be looking forward coming back again!- And finally, pointed Leo, this is my bedroom.As they did in the three other guest rooms, they all ran to the bed and jumped. Leo's was definitely the largest and the most comfortable they had ever seen.The guys sat down on the bed and Brad started making jokes about how many people could fuck simultaneously on this bed. Leo arrived Nn Preteen Model from behind and brought Brad's sweet ass on his crotch.Caught by surprise, none among Brad, Joseph and Philip made a noise, nor a move.- Just kidding! Come on guys, relax! grinned Leo- Seriously guys, I've always wondered how it'd feel like with a man, stated Brad. Leo, don't feel bad, it wasn't a bad idea at all.Leo was definitely the first to be speechless at those words. He had just wanted to make a joke, he had no intention to turn this into a real thing. Unsure on how serious Brad was, he asked Philip to handle him over the KY tube from the bedside table and the box of condoms. Brad responded by taking off his briefs and getting on his hands and knees on the bed.If Leo was able to Nn Preteen Model admit a certain attraction for men, he was far from wanting to have sex with one. But, he sort of hoped Brad would back off at some point and it comforted him.Philip and Joseph couldn't miss Brad's hard-on. He was rock-hard, just thinking about what was going to happen.Leo spread the two round cheeks of Brad' ass apart and generously lubed the pink hole. Still wishing Brad would suddently change his mind, he stroked his cock until it had reached its full hardness - 8.5 inches, cut - and wrapped a rubber over it.- You sure, Brad? he askedBrad nodded.It took two seconds to Leo to insert his tool deep in Brad's extremely well lubed anus. It was so tight, it felt so good... Leo moaned loudly, and so did Brad.Feeling slutty and being, as ever, extremely horny, Brad brough Philip's cock in his mouth and Nn Preteen Model started sucking. But soon, he let the younger man fuck his mouth deeply.Joseph, masturbating at the sight of the scene, moved behind Leo and broke the hunk's ass within a second.Living a pleasure who can't be described, Leo was now getting his ass pounded away while himself rammed his cock into a tight and warm hole.The group paused for a minute. Leo asked Philip to reach over his dildo - still unused, the package hadn't even been opened - and give it to Joseph. Next, Philip was asked to lay under Brad. This way, everyone would be fucked.The steamy action restarted where it had been left, with some extras of course.At first, it almost seemed the restless boys could keep their loads in their sack forever. But since every good thing's got an end, the four reached climax and emptied their balls of the biggest amount of cum they could produce - and shoot Nn Preteen Model - at once!As soon as they had ejaculated, Brad, Leo, Joseph and Philip collapsed on the bed. All were sweaty and had cum all over their bodies.Comparing and caressing each other, they all agreed Philip had the finest body among the four and convened it would get even better, as Philip was still a teenager.Flattered, Philip went on his own complements. To him, Brad was the hottest for his general looks, Leo had the greatest - and the biggest, by the way - cock and Joseph has surely got one of the wildest sexual appetites he had ever seen.- Talking about wildest sexual appetites, grinned Joseph, you guys all owe me a fuck!He hadn't even finished his sentence, Leo had already grabbed him and was ready to enter. And Joseph opened his mouth as wide as he could so he could service both Brad and Philip at the same time while he was being fucked.Each had his turn, either in Joseph's ass or troat. He appeared to be a particularly slutty bottom but so was Brad and even Leo. Only Philip had been "passively fucked" but this was only because he wasn't in the best position to go wild.And Leo pointed this out when they were catching up their breath once again.Within a minute, Philip was on his fours with Leo ready to enter his hole and Brad and Joseph rubbing their wet cockheads on his waiting lips. Same than with Joseph earlier, the three all fucked Philip, who sucked the two others simultaneously.If Philip loved giving blowjobs to his mates, he found Leo fucking him rather roughly. Besides, Leo was the only one who hadn't been "gang-banged" like him, Brad and Joseph.Revenge was taken over Leo in the following moments. More than just fucking and getting sucked as previously, they started to call Leo "slut" all the time it went on.That wasn't over for the boys... They had started by a fuck-fest, now Joseph was asking for a suck-fest.Brad, Joseph, Philip and Leo formed a rectangle-like shape on the bed and devoted himself to the nearest cock. Leo had Brad's, who took Philip's, who had Joseph's. Joseph closed the shape with Leo's.They sucked the best they could, trying to imitate each's technique and transferring the pleasure to one another. It lasted a couple of minutes, Leo had a new plan.- Ok. One will be sucked by the three remaining mouths. We're gonna work on the shafts until orgasm and all cum must be swallowed, is that clear for everybody?Nobody objected and Joseph's six-and-a-half cut cock was the first to receive such treatement. Unable to help it, the Chicago boy stuck a few fingers in his ass.Moaning, licking and biting his lips, Joseph reached the point of no-return in a short while. Not needing much time to ejaculate, he let his friends hungrily drinking his warm sperm as he caught up his breath after the best blowjob a man could ever receive.Second in line was Leo. The three young studs fancied the group's biggest and nicest cock like the 8th wonder of the world. Using his hands to hold their necks, Leo controlled the blowjob perfectly for a long time so he was sure to get what he wanted. Approaching orgasm, he abandonned himself to the joy of being serviced by three of his hunkiest pals. He was pretty sure he was shooting his load into LA's finest male mouths.And then it was Brad's turn, same scenario. No one could tell exactly, but the Tennesse stud's cum had a distinctive flavour, which would sure make lots of people kneel at him to taste his juice.Finally, Philip's got to pass. But, unlike for the three previous times, it would be a different thing for the group's hottest member. A special treat, Leo said.While Leo worked on his cock, Brad and Joseph gave Philip an entire tongue-bath. They didn't miss any millimeter of skin, even giving a particular attention to his shaved armpits and his pink erect nipples. Philip was extremely athletic and therefore had lovely arms with cannon-ball biceps, firm and perfecly-defined pecs and a rock-hard stomach which would soon become washboard.Brad and Joseph joined Leo at Philip's crotch when the first sings of an imminent flow of cum appeared. The three cocksuckers shared the hot lava which spurted out the young uncircumsised meat.Exhausted, out of breath, sweaty and with plenty of dried cum spots on their hot bodies Philip, Brad, Leo and Joseph covered themselves with Leo's silk sheets and drifted off to sleep, holding each other as tight as possible.The sun was coming up and they were better to catch up some rest, because their first encounter was everything but the last one... END OF CHAPTER ONE: Actors Thomas Ian Nicholas and Chris Klein join in the next chapter, it still has Nn Preteen Model nothing to do with their sexuality and this is pure fiction. CHAPTER TWO: As soon as they had gotten up, at mid-afternoon, Leo told them to head for the shower and that sex must be kept for the later hours if they didn't want to be caught. Asked if they could stay longer, he grinned there was no problem..."Breakfast" followed and, as they had gotten to the table, somebody rang at the door.Leo went to answer, Chris and Thomas were there. Thomas had lost his keys and he wondered if Leo hadn't found them.- Have a seat, Brad serve them something and we'll seach after he said.Brad got up and went in the kitchen to grab two more plates. But Philip ran over him.- You think they'd...join us???? asked Philip- Those two look pretty straight-as-an-arrow to me. Still, aren't we all looking that way, grinned Brad.The two then decided to let the things go on and they'd act consequently...Chris and Thomas served themselves some pizza and french fries. None of the two had noticed but Joseph, Leo, Philip and Brad were all exchanging looks and all had gotten hard by this time.Once eating was over, Leo went around the house with Thomas while Chris stayed with the others in the living room.Suddently, their conversation was interrupted by a loud noise coming from the basement. It sounded like a moan, definitely.Speechless, the four guys ran downstairs. In the basement's living room, Thomas had his left hand inside Leo's shorts, who moaned loudly.Not seeing the whole gang had now arrived, Leo returned the favor to Thomas. The mutual jack-off was accompanied by stripping and then, Thomas got on his knees and took Leo's hard cock in his mouth.- Oh yeah Thomas!!! Suck my cock!!!! Yeah!!!! moaned Leo.Chris rolled his eyes. He and Thomas has had several adventures together and he knew Thomas was giving the best blowjobs.Leo shot his load and Thomas swallowed everything.- WOW! That boy's awesome!Thomas was still on his knees, completely nude. Hungry for cocks, he pointed the couch to the other guys who were standing at the door.Joseph, Brad, Chris and Philip got naked in a second and sat on the couch.All sported raging hard-ons. Thomas approached the couch and reached Joseph, then took him deep in his throat. The three others watched while masturbating intensively. On his side, Leo was giving a rim-job to Thomas.It continued until everyone had been sucked by Thomas. Nobody could believe his eyes when they saw him taking Chris' 9.5 incher as if it was 5 inches!!!But the orgy wasn't over yet. Thomas wanted to take it from behind as well, and he asked Philip to fuck him.Flattered, Philip moved over Thomas and the two started kissing and caressing each other's fit bodies before proceeding the sodomy.Thomas' hole was tight and it sort of caught Philip by surprise. Laid on his back, Thomas received Philip's large cock quite easily and enjoyed the strokes Philip was giving to his seven-inch dick as he was being fucked.By this time, the remaining guys were playing a very funny game which was at the same time a hard task. Chris and Leo were seaten on the couch, nude, and were trying to have a conversation while Brad and Joseph, kneeling on the floor, would be playing with their cocks. The first to moan was the looser and would have to skip place with one of the two "floor-men".Having finished their action by Philip shooting his load in Thomas' ass, Thomas and Philip laid on the carpet and continued playing with each other's bodies while observing the little teasing game going on.Leo lost and took Brad's place. Chris was particularly good at this, explaining Brad how he and Thomas got together as if he wasn't being deep-throated by Leo.- When we were shooting American Pie, Chris told Brad, Thomas and I had gotten two neighbouring trailers to relax and prepare. So, we were often together, at first as friends, until he walked in my trailer one afternoon before we started the shoots. I was taking a nap, he woke me up only 15 minutes before it was scheduled to start. It was so quick, I didn't realise it at first but he had gotten naked too and he was now helping me showering faster. Then, I dunno...I pushed him down to my cock and he gladly gave me a blowjob. Be sure that we both headed straight to my trailer as soon as we were done on the sets!- WOW! commented Philip and Brad, in one voice.The next move Philip made was to get down on Thomas and start sucking him. Thomas turned it into a 69 within minutes.After each had shot his load, Leo proposed they had a group masturbation to get rid of those erections everybody sported and then, they'd keep some energy for later. It was accepted.And while jacking off between Chris and Brad, Leo started to think on who he should try to get at his house for his next party.... THE END...OR MAYBE TO BE CONTINUED I can't promise I'll add more participants. My inspiration had moved on other guys. Who? That's Secret.MY STORIES: - MATT AND JASON - MICHAEL AND WULF - HOLLYOAKS PARTY - BRIAN AND HAYDEN - SWEDISH HUNKS - THE REST OF THE LIST IN "FUN IN ST. PETER" IN CELEBRITIES.QUESTIONS??? COMMENTS??? SUGGESTIONS???? E-MAIL ME AT: NICKALIASPIZZABOYHOTMAIL.COM
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